Bagpipe tuning with the HBT2

Bagpipe tuning with the HBT2
September 18, 2013 Blair Tuners
In Tuning Bagpipes

Instruction manuals are an important reference if anything goes wrong with your bagpipe tuner. However like most pipers we want to get the device out of the box and into action- now!

Here’s a quick start guide on using the HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome.
1. Turn on the bagpipe tuner by pressing the on/off button for 2 seconds
2. The tuner will default to HB mode (Highland Bagpipes) with HB displayed on the LCD- however if not press the ‘notes’ button to activate this.
3. Now on your bagpipe- play Low A and take a mental note of what frequency the HBT2 displays
4. Input that frequency as the ‘Calibration’ frequency for the HBT2, this is done by pressing the up/ down arrow.
5. Once set, play each note on your bagpipe going up the scale whereby the HBT2 will provide feedback (Red/green LED’s, frequency display on LCD and also a vertical meter) showing the notes pitch position. From there you know if the note is flat or sharp

Chanter tuned, thats it!

To access the Metronome:
1. Press the Mode button for 2 seconds. This will activate the metronome
2. Change the note structure by pressing the notes button
3. Change the tempo by pressing the up/ down buttons
4. Change the beat structure by pressing the mode button quickly (see beat written beside it)
5. To start the metronome, press the on/off button quickly (see PLAY underneath)

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