Tune and Tape

Tune and Tape
November 20, 2015 Blair Tuners
In Tuning Bagpipes

Here’s a picture of my pipe chanter, one that was played in a Pipe Band and there’s tape on every note hole.


Q. Is the Chanter still loud?
A. Yes

Q.Does is stifle the sound?
A. No

Q. But there’s tape on every hole, the Chanter or reed must not be stable?
A. It’s very stable, having tape on each hole allows me to tune each note precisely. Over time, I actually hardly move any tape.

Q. Do many Pipers or Pipe Bands use tape?
A. Yes, most top Pipe Bands do.

So to wrap up, using tape and a tuner allows the chanter notes to be in tune without interfering with the volume. Keep in mind, if you need to tape over a hole more than 75%, there’s likely a problem either with the reed or chanter.


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