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    Blair Digital Chanter – Hand Engraved Mounts

    $982.00 Available at a future date.
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    Blair Digital Chanter Plain Mount

    Blair Digital Chanter – Plain mounts

    This is a special order item. All pre-orders are currently being processed. For updated information, please visit <a href=""></a> World class pipe sounds anywhere, anytime!  Available for pre-order, payment processed on shipment.   The Blair Digital Chanter produces real Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe and Practice Chanter sounds, genuine with a rich full tone and in tune to the drones. They’ve been recorded in a real-life piping environment to further enhance the authenticity of the instrument without any synthesising or colouring. Even the metronome includes actual percussion sounds with 8 different beat patterns. There are actual holes on the Blair Digital Chanter, a true instrument just like the traditional. What you can do with this chanter is simply amazing. Plain high-grade aluminium mounts with logo. Features: Highland Bagpipes Scottish Smallpipes Practice Chanter Pitch range 440 -486hz Metronome Audio output 3.5mm USB (MIDI, recharging battery and updating software) Rechargeable battery Supplied with high-quality case made by Bagpiper cases, and USB lead. [playlist ids="1704,1705,1714,1707,1715,1716,1706"]
    $849.00 Available at a future date.
  • HBT-C1

    Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner

    Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner features LCD and Analog meters for precision Pipe Band tuning and is easy to use.
  • Blair_Tuners_Dynamic_Mic1

    Dynamic tuning microphone

    This tiny dynamic microphone connects to the Blair Professional Tuner and HBT2 Tuner & Metronome. The small size is easy to manage compared to larger microphones, no battery is required there's a lengthy 3m lead included. At only 115mm in height (regular mics are usually around 160mm), the dynamic mic enhances the tuners detection in noisy band halls, around snare drummers and in tuning rooms and competitions. Features: On/Off button, 3m lead (6.5mm male plug to female XLR) Brand: Lane Type: Cardioid Size: 115mm To use with the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner a female 6.5mm to male 2.5mm adapter is required.
  • HBTC1_Hardcase

    Pro Tuner & accessory case

    We've come up with a stylish durable hard shell case for the Blair Professional Bagpipe Tuner to keep those tools that mater most safe.

  • Tunetape

    Tunetape – Chanter Tape

    Tunetape pipe chanter tape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tuning notes on the pipe chanter. It's purpose made for the Bagpipe chanter and offers superior resistance to heat, moisture, humidity and cold. It's designed for tuning notes on a pipe chanter, so each note can be perfectly tuned to the drones.
  • HBT3_SM2

    HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner

    Compact digital Bagpipe Tuner.
  • HBT_Hardcase

    HBT-3 Tuner HardCase

    This small hard case safely stores the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner. It's modern, stylish and protects your tuner from bumps, scratches and dust. The HBT-3 Hard Case is a streamlined design and opens from the top with a belt hoop so you can attach it to your side. It also has an internal pocket seperator for small items. It's lightweight, sturdy and most importantly looks good.
  • tbm

    Tuner Blowpipe Mount

    Mount the Bagpipe tuner on your blowpipe! This handy mount positions the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner onto your blowpipe. It frees up your hands for tuning and can be mounted and removed in seconds. The mount is made of  up of 2 components- a silicon rubber strap with multiple tensioning positions and a soft plastic coated bracket for the HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner to slide in. The coated bracket won't damage the wood on your pipes or move about once it's secured. The great feature of the bracket is that it allows the tuner to be in close view, so when the clip mic is used you can easily monitor each note being played. Also, the tuner can be used as a manometer (pressure monitor) with the aim being to keep the needle steady. Any blowing pressure movements are detected and shown by the needle moving, and with the tuner in the bracket and easily viewable makes this accessory a must have.
  • HBT-3TuningPack2

    Bagpipe Tuning Pack | HBT-3

    All the gear for tuning your pipes, this pack includes:
    • 1* HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner
    • 1* Bagpipe Clip microphone sensor
    • 1* Tuner Blowpipe mount
    • 1* HBT-3 Tuner Hardcase
    • 1* Tunetape Roll
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    HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome

    The HBT2 Digital Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome correctly displays the pitch of each chanter note to harmonise with the drones. It features a large LCD screen so display the note, frequency, pitch position and calibration frequency so you can precisely tune your chanter. No other bagpipe tuner features all this information!

  • Clip_sensor
    Clip-Mic for Bagpipes

    Bagpipe Clip Sensor Microphone

    'The best way for tuning the bagpipe chanter and drones when around noise and it won't damages your pipes.' The Clip Microphone for Bagpipes is uniquely designed to conform to the curvature of the bagpipe drones and bagpipe chanter. It detects the frequency or your bagpipe chanter and drones without outside interference and ideal in situations when pipers have trouble tuning. It's innovative shape adjusts to the circumference of the pipes and features a highly sensitive Piezo sensor, generous 1.75m lead, 1/4" male plug and strong clip mechanism with two rubber pads. Being properly cushioned the clip microphone will not damage the wood finish on your pipes. This precision tuning clip sensor is available as an individual order to use with the other tuners or the Bagpipe Tuner App. *Compatible with third party tuners such as the Korg CA30 and Bagpipe Tuner App. To make sure you receive the correct plug, please select your tuner model below.
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    Bagpipe Tuning Pack | HBT2 Tuner & Metronome

    All the essential gear for tuning bagpipes, this pack includes:
    • 1* multifunctional HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner & Metronome (also includes chromatic mode)
    • 1* Bagpipe Clip Microphone
    • 1* mono Earpiece for Metronome
    • 1* Tuner Softcase
    • 1*Tunetape pipe chanter tape
    • 1*Tuner Blowpipe mount
  • Sale
    HBT_Bagpipe Tuner softcase
    HBT_Bagpipe Tuner softcase

    HBT2 Bagpipe Tuner Softcase

    Small soft-case for storing the HBT2 Tuner. Accommodates a clip microphone, earphone, tuning tape. Great for storing spare Drone Reeds.
    $15.99 $7.99
  • HBT3_SM2

    HBT-3 Bagpipe Tuner – without Clip mic.

    All the great features of the digital HBT-3 Bagpipe tuner but without the clip microphone.

  • BagpipeTunerCableMic2
    Bagpipe Tuner iPhone Cable2

    iPhone/ iPad cable and Bagpipe Clip mic combo

    Essential tools for tuning bagpipes using the Clip mic and Bagpipe Tuner App.
    • 1* Adapter cable 3.5mm male input (for iPhone) to 1/4 inch female input (for bagpipe clip mic)
    • 1* low noise Bagpipe Clip mic/sensor
  • Sale
    Bagpipe Tuner iPhone Cable2
    Bagpipe Tuner iPhone Cable2

    iPhone/ iPad Clip Microphone adapter

    This adapters allows your device to accept an external input such as the HBT Clip microphone for tuning in noisy environments, or if you prefer to use so your hands are free for adjustments. The ultra-low noise adapter correctly matches the HBT Clip mic with your devices input. It features a 1/4" female input plug (for HBT clip mic) & male 3.5mm plug.   Designed for use with the Bagpipe Tuner App, or any other App requiring an input such as GarageBand. Also works well for guitars.
    $12.99 $10.99
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