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Philharmonic- Music Book


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Murray Blair’s Bagpipe music publication, ‘Philharmonic’. This collection includes many of the tunes that have been made popular by the Victoria Police Pipe Band. Contributions from fellow pipers Ian Lyons, Brian Niven and Brian Lamond. The book is full of contemporary tunes. See the tune list below.

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Jimmy’s Gift, Up an Adam, Edwyn’s Didji Place, Pump the Thump, Web Culture, As good as it gets, Heat wave, Eddie the Penguin, The Bulgarian Bandit, The Richmond Spear, Skippwizakiwi, The Big Swindle, Ross’s Farewell to Pangnirtung, The Piper’s Black Dog, The Glayva Kid

Out of the Air, The Radar Racketeer, New Year in Noosa, The Slick Diamond Back, The Road Runner, Airlies Big Day, Steve’s Train to the Moon, Jingling Geordie, DV8’ing again, Full Power, Thick Planks, Adrian’s Express from Rotterdam, Bottle Eye’s, The Dubai Desert, Dance Organic, Ross Rob’s Shower Shabang!, The Green Ivy

Shoshanna’s Lullaby, The Terror Time, Top Deck in Perth,

Bouncing off the Clouds, Demtel Schizophrenia Kit, The 1st Hype Cowboy Division (RiverBeat), Lush Flogging the Riff Infliction

Back in Black, The Richmond Icehouse, A Glimpse of Monaghan, Reeled of Wood, Shovel Tongue, The New Paradigm, Sinead’s Wedding, Jenny’s Chickens, Advance to the East, Airlies Big Day, Mrs. MacLeod of Raasay,


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