Our original design.

Our original design.
September 2, 2013 Blair Tuners
In Bagpipe Cases

The ‘Bagpiper’ case is popular with many pipers around the world with it’s original design created by Ian Lyons and Murray Blair. It’s been around for about 14 years and always had an agenda in designing our very own original authentic ideas. Others have even copied us now!

There’s been small changes and improvements on a Bagpipe case thats stood the test of time and travelled in different parts of the globe. We’re really proud of the fact so many pipers have sent us favourable comments and feedback about the case and as a result grown into making more speciality items such as the Bagpipe Flight case and Bagpiper Backpack.

Part of our originality- being authentic and genuine pipers, saw the release of the limited edition PINK Bagpiper case in July 2013. It certainly stood out and thanks to all the supporters who quickly snatched them up! Now, back to the drawing board with more originality for 2014!

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