Making piping enjoyable.

Making piping enjoyable.
September 2, 2013 Blair Tuners
In Tuning Bagpipes

When we receive feedback on how our tuners have helped pipers it’s truly rewarding. Here’s some of their stories and we’d like to hear more.

…I love the tuner. The size is very appealing and I really like the backlit display. I have been able to use the tuner a few times already and it has really started to take some of the frustration out of attaining accurate tuning…

…We tuned our chanters with it this weekend for a gig and it was a real pleasure, saving us a good half hour in tune up time. Thank you so much…

…We have put your HBT-2 tuner to the test. The results are AWESOME! I tuned the band with Lezlie Webster on Tuesday. Both of us were extremely happy with the HBT-2 – it never dropped out or failed to show a frequency. I tuned mini-bands at gigs on Wednesday & Friday and it again was perfect. It picks up the freq from the drone tops and never drops out, which allows me to cruise around the pipe section for set up and then a final tweak before we go on! Thank you very much for taking your time to help us with the tuners. Our band & instructors thank you and are all impressed with your customer service!…

…I would again emphasise how much my enjoyment of piping has soared and my confidence is much enhanced now that I use your tuner. Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated, I’ll away and play my pipes some more!…..

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