How to tune a bagpipe

Highland Bagpipes have a unique scale unlike other instruments called ‘Just Temperament’ and a Bagpipe Tuner is programmed for this scale. A Bagpipe tuner can detect, display and help the piper tune pipes quickly so the chanter and drones harmonise with each other.

Lots of digital chromatic tuners available are sold as ‘Bagpipe tuners’, but they’re actually programmed for instruments like Guitars, Violins and Ukulele’s, not Highland Bagpipes. Unless they have ‘Bagpipe Tuner’ printed on their front panel, they’re programmed for an entirely different scale called ‘Equal temperament’ and not programmed for the Highland Bagpipe.

Blair Bagpipe tuners are programmed for the Highland Bagpipe scale. The tuner shows the piper if a note needs to be sharpened or flattened which is quick and easy to adjust. Each note on the pipe chanter can be perfectly tuned to harmonize with the drones to produce a great sounding instrument. Blair Bagpipe tuners display the note detected, frequency, pitch position and the difference to the calibrated frequency all on a digital LCD display. Every Highland Bagpipe note is programmed to display correctly.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received on how our tuners have helped pipers.
• ‘I love the tuner. The size is very appealing and I really like the backlit display. I have been able to use the tuner a few times already and it has really started to take some of the frustration out of attaining accurate tuning’.
• ‘We tuned our chanters with it this weekend for a gig and it was a real pleasure, saving us a good half hour in tune up time. Thank you so much’.
• ‘The results are AWESOME!  Thank you very much for taking your time to help us with the tuners, our band instructors are all impressed with your customer service!’
• ‘I would again emphasise how much my enjoyment of piping has soared and my confidence is much enhanced now that I use your tuner. Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated, I’ll away and play my pipes some more!’



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