Bluetooth tuning for Bagpipes

Bluetooth tuning for Bagpipes
July 29, 2014 Blair Tuners
In Tuning Bagpipes

Tuning technology has reached a new level.

Another way to tune the Highland Bagpipes has arrived. The new Bluetooth Bagpipe Tuning Clip works seamlessly together with the Bagpipe Tuner App (iOS – iTunes App Store) for tuning pipes simply without holding the tuner. It’s easy to use, very precise, and particularly useful in noisy environments like Band practice or at a Highland games.

By placing the Bluetooth Bagpipe Tuning Clip either on your Chanter or Drones, the sensor detects notes and displays the results on your iPhone, iPad or iPod tuning app. Ultra convenient, the sensor works brilliantly for Pipe Bands and the Solo Piper. Along with the HBT-3 Bagpipe tuner we think this is the best tuning solution available for the Highland Bagpipes, see for yourself!

The Bluetooth Bagpipe Tuning Clip pairs seamlessly with the (iOS) Bagpipe Tuner App to provide a wireless professional tuning solution that is unlike any other on the market. This mic is not a gimmick, it’s cutting edge tuning technology and combined with our Tuning App, produces one of our most accurate and powerful tuning solutions.

Rechargeable via a USB lead, the mic features a multicoloured LED to indicate on/off modes and paring status. Charge with any USB source.

Here’s a short video showing how to connect the BLAIR Bluetooth Bagpipe Clip to your iPhone or iPad. It’s quick and easy to do. The Bluetooth Bagpipe Clip is used with Bagpipe Tuner App.

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